Who I Am and Why I’m here?

This is a blog about my life and experiences. For the last 3 years I’ve been going to through some personal shifts as a result of the various challenges I’ve been facing. Those challenges have changed and toughened me up like nothing ever would. I’m talking about relationships ending, professional troubles, major health issues and productivity. I’m still trying to find my path in life and figure what my calling really is. These events forced me to develop personally and seek answers that plague us all. I know many of us go through these challenges whether big or small. I’m just trying to present my view point and share some valuable life lessons that I keep learning everyday. Please join me on this journey and feel free to critique my writing and give your precious advice!

What I plan to achieve with this blog:

  • Document my journey towards perfect health.
  • Document my journey towards financial independence.
  • Document my journey towards emotional and spiritual fulfillment.




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